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Erosion Control Mats


Erosion Control Mat is a  three-dimensional  erosion  control  mat  consisting  of  a  high strength UV  stabilized polymer core. It controls surface erosion and helps to anchor and reinforce the root zone of plants. This erosion control mat  are used for slope and ground protection in civil engineering works to prevents the sliding and washing out of the soil  and  cover  layer  while  facilitating  rapid  vegetation  growth.  Upon  heavy  rains  and  water  flows,  the reinforcing ability of the mat prevents erosion or the otherwise vulnerable vegetation. Once, vegetated, erosion control mat  reduces runoff velocities and thereby increases infiltration and reduces discharge. 

Specifications of Erosion control mat  
  Material: HDPE
 Type: EM2, EM3, EM4, EM5
 Width: 2m
 Color: Black/Green

•  Grass swales vegetation & erosion control
•  Medium to steep slopes vegetation & erosion control
•  Stream & river bank erosion protection 
•  Pond bank vegetation & beautification 
•  Control erosion & sediment


 • erosion control mat can prevent the surface of ground from weather beaten before seeds up-growth.

 • Since the formed composite protection allow stand great steam after the plants group up these products can replace the material of concrete, asphalt, stone etc.

 • erosion control mat also can reduce the costs of construction 7 times as that as concrete slopes and 8 time as brickwork.

 • With macromolecule and outstanding UV light resistance stabilization material these products have steady chemical features and no pollution to environment.

 • Simplify project can commence as soon as foundations finished.

Properties of Erosion control mat

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