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Geosynthetic Clay Liners - GCLs

Geosynthetic clay liner (GCL) is one type of geocomposite product which consisting of a layer 

of natural sodium bentonite between a woven and a non-woven geotextile which are needle-punched together. 
Geosynthetic clay liners are frequently used in environmental containment applications and is 
an alternative to traditional compacted clay liners. 

Applications of Geosynthetic clay liners  

1) Rubbish filling landfill project 
2) Water scene project and artificial scene project 
3) Underground tanker, base waterproof project
4) Reservoir (pool) impervious project 
5) Canal anti-seepage project 
6) Subway project 
7) Tunnel project 


Characteristics of Geosynthetic clay liners  
1) Density: Na-bentonite under water pressure form high density diaphragm, when the thickness is about 3mm, its permeability coefficient is less than αx10-11 m/sec, is 100 times of 30cm of clay,
has a strong self-protection properties of water.
2) Permanent water-proof performance:
Because Na-bentonite base for natural inorganic materials, after a long time or a change in the environment, aging or corrosion does not occur, therefore it has durable waterproof performance.
3) Simple operation, short construction period: Compare to other waterproof material, the construction of GCL is relatively simple and does not need heating and paste. It just need bentonite powder and nails washers for connect fixed etc.
4) Effects of temperature: In the cold weather will not be brittle fracture.
5) Waterproof materials and the target of integration: Na-bentonite and water reaction, with 13-16 times expansion capacity, even if the concrete structure vibration and settlement occurred, bentonite in GCL can repair within 2mm concrete surface cracks.
6) Green environmental protection: Bentonite for natural inorganic materials, non-toxic harmless to humans, does not effect to the environment, has a good environmental performance.

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