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HDPE Geocell

HDPE geocell is a new type high strength geosynthetics, to stable the roadbed of the railway or highway, reinforce the dam and retaining wall, use for improve the shallow river or fix the pipe and sewer. etc. 

Specifications of

Geocell height: 50mm ~ 250mm
Sheet thickness: >=1.0mm

Welding distance : 330mm ~ 1000mm
Peel strength: >1000N/10cm
Sheet Type: smooth or  textured, perforated or non-perforated


Applications of Geocell

    Stabilizes the bed of railway
    Stabilizes the bed of road
    Bears the loading dykes and walls
    Administers shallow water and river
    Supports pipeline and sewer
    Prevents landslide and to be used as compound walls to support loading
    Used in dependent walls, wharfs/bank, and more
    Govern sand, beach, river bank, and riverbed

Characteristics of Geocell 

1.Geocell has light weight, wear-resistant, chemical stability, light oxidation aging, anti-acid/alkali corrosion, geocells are applied to different geological conditions, such as saline soil, desert, etc.
2.Wide temperature range, high tensile strength, good rigidity and toughness, good load capacity and anti-erosion ability.
3.Size of geocell is relatively stable, change the height and welding distance can meet the needs of different projects.
4.Retractile, easy to transport.
5.Easy to use, can use the local materials and achieve rapid construction, reduce construction costs.
6.Geocell can be used repeatedly.

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