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High Strength Geocomposite


Product Introduction

High strength Geocomposite is manufactured from high tenacity, high molecular polyester yarn bunches knitted and stitched to nonwoven geotextile. The polyester yarn bunches are provided high tensile strength for reinforcement applications of earth work just like biaxial geogrid and the nonwoven geotextiles layer have good filter and drainage properties, so that the high strength geocomposite have reinforcement, filteration and separation properties and can be used in claim land from sea, dam and retaining wall projects etc.


Nonwoven geotextile layer: Polypropylene/polyester staple fiber nonwoven geotextile
Weight of Nonwoven geotextile: 100g/m2-150g/m2



1. High tensile strength and tear strength
2. Good permeability and filtration
3. Good separation property
4. Easy installing.
5. Good anti-erosion


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