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Polyester Continuous Filament Nonwoven Geotextile


Product Introduction

Polyester continuous filament non-woven geotextile made from Polyester, formed by the process of needle punching and thermally bounding, offers optimum performance per unit weight.


1. High tearing strength, aging resistance, long using life.
2.Stable physical performance, not easy deformation and decomposition, keep proformance for long time.
3. Stable chemical performance, strong acid and alkali resistance.
4. Good permeability.
5. High temperature resistance, resistance to freezing and can adapt to different external environment.


1. Filtration: when water passes from a fine-grained to a coarse grained layer, Non-woven Geotextiles can retain fine particles well. Such as when water flows from a sandy soil into a Geotextile wrapped gravel drain.
2. Separation: to separate two layers of soil with different physical properties, such as the separation of road gravel from soft sub-base materials.
3. Drainage: to drain liquid or gas from the plane of the fabric, which leads to draining or venting of the soil, such as the gas vent layer in a landfill cap.
4. Reinforcement: to improve the load bearing capacity of a specific soil structure, such as the reinforcement of a retaining wall.



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